Mozhdeh Gholibeigi


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  • Objective: Mobility2.0 is a FP7  project, co-funded by the EU under 7th Framework Programme for research, grant agreement no 314129. The objective of Mobility2.0 is to develop and test an in-vehicle commuting assistant for FEV mobility, resulting in more reliable and energy-efficient electro-mobility. In order to achieve a maximum impact, Mobility2.0 takes an integrated approach of addressing the main bottlenecks of urban FEV mobility: ‘range anxiety’ related to the limited FEV range, scarcity of parking spaces with public recharging spots, and the congestion of urban roads. This integrated approach means the application developed by Mobility2.0 will utilise co-operative systems to simultaneously consider these bottlenecks, so that such an optimisation can be achieved which still guarantees reliable transportation for each FEV owner.
  • Research Contributions : Within the Mobility 2.0 project, I on behalf of the University of Twente, together with partners from a number of European countries, developed and tested a cooperative commuting assistant for fully electrical vehicles, resulting in more reliable and energy-efficient electro-mobility. I contributed in different work packages and tasks of the project. In particular, I collaborated in development and prototyping of a geographical addressing scheme and reliability assurance of (geo-)broadcasting in vehicular networks. I collaborated in research activities for integration of the developed components, with members from BroadBit Slovakia, Fundacio Privada Barcelona Digital Centre Tecnologic, ICCS, Municipality of Reggio-Emilia, Association pour la Recherche et le Developpement des Methodes et Processus Industriels (Armines), Prive, NEC Europe.
  • Contributions in the Deliverables :
    • D3.2 (Design and Specification of Mobility2.0 FEV interfaces and protocols), February 2013.
    • D4.1 (Implementation report on the co-operative FEV interfaces), February 2014.
    • D6.1 (Report on validation tests and analysis of results), January 2015 .
    • D7.1 (Report on the refinement of Mobility2.0 results), February 2015.
  • Project Meetings :
    • The Mobility2.0 Final Event (Open Showcase), Barcelona Digital, Barcelona, February 2015 (presentation and testing).

    • The Mobility2.0 meeting, NEC Europe Ltd, Heidelberg October 2014 (presentation).

    • The Mobility2.0 meeting, Barcelona Digital, Barcelona July 2013 (presentation).